About Me

My name is L.A. Johnson…

I was diagnosed with recurrent major depressive disorder along with post traumatic stress disorder at the age of fifteen and cycled through 10 different SSRIs, a few benzodiazepines, as well as a few antipsychotics.  I am now twenty-five years old and I study Psychology at Grand Valley University with hopes to be a part of the generation that finds a functional, long-term solution to depression and anxiety.

I regulate my chronic depression/anxiety with psychotropic medications (Wellbutrin, and Lexapro). I also make abundant use of holistic medicine and supplements to help aid in my ability to maintain emotional stability and balance.  I practice meditation, and mindfulness on a daily basis. I also maintain a structured morning and bedtime routine to prevent myself from unhealthy mental habits that can lead to a depressive episode for me.

My story has many more details and depth to it, which is another reason I write this blog. I do this to try and provide helpful information and practices I have gathered  throughout my journey over the past ten years that has led me to my current mental and emotional stability.

You don’t have to be like me, or anybody else.  Difficulties we face as individuals on a daily basis create thoughts.  Whether negative or positive, there is a struggle to find a balance between the two.

My personal struggle to find a balance is an ongoing battle that I share on this blog with hopes to create opportunities for you to find a way to cope with life’s hardships.