One thing I’ve learned through Self-Help programs is that you only have “One Day at A Time”, but I have often reminded myself that I only have right now.  I am not guarenteed an entire day.  Do I want to get frustrated at work about a minute detail that a coworker missed in their process of finishing a task, or even saying a snide remark towards me?  No, I would rather not.  If you treated your mental energy more like a tank of gas, you would pay more attention to the places you take your thoughts.

Thinking about the value of each moment I have has made me realize that if I get angry about something someone says to me, I will only hurt myself and waste that moment feeling upset.  I am not telling you to stay positive or to “fake it until you make it”.  Just try to remind yourself that this moment is all that you have and that you would like to make it worth the most you possibly can.  This can hard to do because honestly, I am pretty selfish and that has caused me to wallow in my sadness and self pity.

I have chosen to stop feeling bad for myself and decided that I will make the best of a day no matter what happens by feeling good for myself (if that makes any sense).  One moment can be horrible, but if I let that determine the worth of my next several hours, then I would be constantly missing opportunities to be happy.  Maximize your potential by reminding yourself that every moment, situation, and conversation is a brand new opportunity to allow yourself to be happy.

Is it normal to feel upset by something that happens during your day? Of course, it is. The point is….today is not YOUR day, take your ownership out of the day and out of each moment.  Try not to say someone ruined your day.  Do not allow a moment, or several moments during the day lead you to classify that day as ruined.  You could miss an opportunity to change a person’s life, and this would be an opportunity that you may never get again.

I have found that when I have been thrown off by a situation and I cannot remove myself, then I can always take a few deep breaths.  Count your inhale and your exhale, and take three deep breaths.  This is the way I have been able to collect myself in tough situations and decide how I will respond.  Your response to a situation is paramount in the way that it develops and concludes.

It sounds so damn cliche to say “Make the best of each moment” but if you chose to do so, you most certainly can make the best of any situation by refusing to fuel a small negative portion of your day and allow that to determine the way the rest of it plays out.  Take advantage of the fact that you are in control of your thinking.  You are in control.  I am not saying that if you think that you are going to win the lottery that it is going to happen.  I am saying that if you look for something, whether that be trouble or happiness; what you look for in life is most likely what you will find.

Until Next time….

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